2013, is back!!

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U2BloodRedSkyHUBIt has been some time since I have been able to do something again on the website, but one of my 2013 resolutions was that I am going to try to make time and put effort into developing/designing a new website...and make people aware again of the U2Hub sharing community.

More to follow....

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Catalog Listing

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Thinking about the catalog Listing...

Here is a first setup:

CatalogID Autonumber
ShowID Number
ShowDate Date
Tour Option List
Leg Option List
Location Text
Venue Text (Url)
Country Text
SetList LongText
TrackList Option List
RecordingID Autonumber
Recorder Text
Device Text
Audio-Video Option List (...?)
Format Option List (WAV/FLAC/MP3)
Comments LongText
Covers Image (1)
Covers Image (2)
Covers Image (3)
Votes Votes
Reviews LongText

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How move your bootleg collection around the world?

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Some time ago, I don't know when, I realized that for me having to survive in this part of the world I needed my hobbies that I had back in my home country. I needed my own corner...

Leaving most of your hobby behind - 10000 km away - nagged at me. It made me feel unhappy!!

So I had to get this part of the hobby to my new home! Paramount! I could not survive leh...really ;-) Was thinking about it weekly (see how I avoid the word...daily). So how...

Well it was my sweet wifey who planned to go back 'home' in Winter time of 2013-Feb, not for shopping but only for me to say hi to mum, who gave me an idea. She gave up CNY, almost really can not...but she did. And when this was planned, I looked around...because yes I had this idea. Suddenly I knew, thank you Lord!! Why not use those empty canisters you have been saving from all those dvd-blu-ray discs to carry the u2 bootleg collection back home.

And so it happened, and in the first hour of arrival, me stacked the discs....IT FIT!! Really, all fit...not one left see even in silly wishes I am blessed, because HE knows me will be happy and content! 

And next how to move them all...

50 here, 50 in that corner...100 in the middle...50 here in my back pack...but in the end, with some customs people looking 3-4 times at the strange shapes in my bag...3 time through the scanner I say, I gave them my most sweet and innocent look, and voila on the plane. On the other side they did not even look....which was almost dissapointing ;-)

Anyway, all discs are here, and me am busy now planning for GOOD back up and share options. Synology....

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My New Toy...

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Having used External Hard disks ever since..., and having many of them crash...loosing much data in the process I finally took the step to buy myself a NAS. And buying a NAS, means buying a good one...with LOTS of space. Have been wondering around long long time, looking at many options...but finally my choice became the Synology NAS 1812+ which has place for 8 drives. 

Synology1812With the choice made for which NAS to buy, and with the thought of filling it up with 8 x 3Tb drives I would be settled for long time. Next it was waiting for a good deal, and this one came at the last IT show. They never had good NAS deals for the last couple of years but this time they had. And luck was with me...because instead of 3Tb drives I was able to buy 4Tb drives for the machine at a good price.

So this is it...32Tb of storage Raid5 (1 disk allowed to fail). 

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